Our Philosophy

Wearable Art


Pamela Grace Jewelry designs are intended to project glamour and sophistication. 

The philosophy behind the Pamela Grace Jewelry Collection stems from a background in fashion and an inherent artistic sensibility that reflects what today’s women want to own. 

It’s all about creating jewelry as wearable art, something a woman can enjoy wearing at anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. There is elegance in simplicity, no matter what the motif, and there is no need to overly design what one wears. 

Women today have come into their own, and are more comfortable purchasing jewelry for themselves than ever before. The collections here were developed specifically to be unique for the independent woman. Our customers know they can wear our timeless designs not just for today, but for years to come.

All designs include 18 karat gold, precious and semi-precious stones. 

Due to the exclusive nature of our custom designs, additional creations are available for viewing by appointment only.